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Visitor Managment Systems

We are the #1 Brand in Community Hardware & Software for:

  • Credentialed Access
  • Visitor Management
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Community Websites
  • Front Desk Concierge
  • Mobile Patrol



The dwellingLIVE Visitor Management System is the premier solution for communities of any type and size who are concerned about controlling who comes and goes in their community. It provides Community Managers and HOAs with a flexible, web-based interface through which they can configure and monitor the system. Gate Attendants can expedite visitor and resident access through purpose-built computers, while still maintaining a highly secure and professional image. Residents can manage their guest lists online, or on their phone app, knowing that their information is secure and always visible to the Attendants.

dwellingLIVE offers the most complete and feature-rich community Visitor Management solution on the market.

  • Reduce long lines of visitors waiting at gates
  • Guest are admitted without repeated calls to residents
  • Handwritten passes are a thing of the past
  • Gatehouse PCs are kiosked to eliminate unauthorized access
  • One-click pass printing
  • Optional License Plate Recognition streamlines guest entry
  • Barcode scanning for returning visitors
  • Resident profile data is visible to attendants
  • Daily Activity Reports and Customized Incident Reports
  • Drivers License Recognition


Internet-Independent Visitor Access:

dwellingLIVE’s gate computers are configured to operate even if Internet access is lost at the gatehouse. Attendants continue to access the database as it was at the moment of service loss and all transactions to and from the gate computer are immediately synchronized when Internet service is restored.

Guest Pass Printing:

Managers can configure passes to the unique needs of their communities without the requirement for special programming. Printer options include direct thermal, thermal transfer and Dymo™ for building lobbies. Print a pass with just one keystroke! Return visitors can be tracked via an optional Bar Code on the pass. Property directions appear on the pass. New design templates coming soon.


Residents can choose to receive emails or text messages when guests are added to their account or when passes are issued for their address. Abuse can be detected immediately and action taken from anywhere there is an Internet connection.


A simple two-step process allows residents to create a unique and temporary electronic visitor pass for their guests. An email will be sent to the guest containing a QR code visitor pass. Upon entry to an attended or unattended gate, the guest simply scans the QR code from their smartphone to access the community.

Auto-Dialing Feature:

Attendants can dial a resident’s home or mobile phone with a single keystroke through the gate computer - another feature that contributes to making dwellingLIVE’s Visitor Management System the most efficient on the market.

Automated Guest Registration Call Center:

Allows gate attendant to process visitors at gate instead of resident phone calls. Residents call toll-free automated number to add guest.

License Plate Recognition:

When integrated with dwellingLIVE LPR, the system provides even more efficiencies. Returning guests are recognized by their license plates, making guest registration simple and fast for guest and attendants.

Unified, Secure Database:

Managers, property owners and tenants all work through web-based interfaces. Data is stored on dwellingLIVE’s secure servers in a SAS-70 compliant facility and is constantly backed up and always available. Data replication keeps gatehouse systems current at all times.

Telephone Entry Systems:

No more software, modems or hassles of managing telephone entry systems. dwellingLIVE software remotely programs and operates our most popular telephone entry system models.

Drivers License Recognition:

Automatically stores drivers license information by scanning the 2D bar code located on the license. New advanced scanner is required to function properly. Available on app and web stations.

Web or App Station:

Allows communities to use any web browser to process visitors. Limitations apply. Computer not supplied.

Resident Guest List Phone App:

Allows residents to manage their guest list and profile information. Available for download on iPhone or Android. 99¢ charge.

COMING SOON! Mobile Tablet App Station:

Portable, lightweight app station.

Entry Kiosk

The next generation telephone entry system with fully integrated visitor management.

Finally the answer to effortless management of community telephone entry systems. Our all-in-one dTEK is a web based solution that combines everything you need to manage your community’s access control in seconds - from anywhere at anytime!

  • Cloud Based Administration
  • Touch Screen Display
  • 100,000+ Resident Directory
  • 250,000+ Entry Codes
  • Unlimited VoIP Calling Included
  • Secure Visitor Management
  • Guest Pass Scanning
  • Live Transaction Monitor & Reporting
  • Resident Phone App
No Phone Lines Needed. Secure and Easy to Use.

Mobile App

Resident Directory

Updating resident information from anywhere at anytime is simple from your web account. Residents are also able to control their display name and contact phone number via the Resident App.

Entry Codes

It has never been easier to manage entry access codes for your community. In seconds you can generate entry codes for residents and vendors, and specify which gates and doors to open.

Visitor Management*

Security and convenience have finally merged with dwellingLIVE dTEK telephone entry systems. Via the web or mobile phone app, administrators and residents can now quickly send guest passes via email and/or text to their guests.

Guest Pass Scanning*

Authorized visitors can now quickly and securely be granted access into the community by scanning their mobile phone electronic pass or printed guest pass. dTEK allows residents to instantly create temporary or permanent electronic visitor passes for their guests.

Administration & Reporting

Quickly manage resident information, directory listings, and entry codes from anywhere at anytime. Easily access transactions in real time, run detailed reports and adjust system settings to meet the community’s needs.

Credentialed Access*

dwellingLIVE has long been known as the leader in cloud-based access control solutions. dTEK is the perfect credentialed access system with no limits on the number of readers you can add. Best of all, all dwellingLIVE modules integrate with each other for perfect central data management.


dwellingLIVE charges a monthly subscription fee which includes all web hosting of your administration controls, data storage and unlimited calling plan. Your local authorized dealer will provide your hardware pricing and installation costs. No other system will provide you a more secure, reliable

License Plate Recognition

The dwellingLIVE License Plate Recognition (LPR) System combines hardware and software that uses optical character recognition of images to read the license plates on vehicles.

  • Increased gatehouse efficiency; reduced vehicle backups
  • Up to 4 adjacent traffic lanes on a single dwellingLIVE LPR System
  • Optional integrated CCTV overview camera
  • Search of plate history on full/partial plates, time & date ranges, etc.
  • Analyze traffic patterns over set time periods
  • Restricted vehicle automated alert system

Attended Gate:

dwellingLIVE utilizes LPR in a community setting to assist gatehouse personnel in identifying new and repeat visitors. Specialized cameras use infrared illumination to allow consistent pictures to be taken at any time of the day or night. Specialized software locates the plate on the image and translates it into computer-readable characters.

Unattended Gate:

dwellingLIVE’s LPR system can be utilized at unattended gates. The system captures and stores all license plate transactions. The data is easily accessible via the reporting capabilities in the management interface.

Application Integration:

The License Plate Recognition System seamlessly integrates with the Visitor Management System, and management interface.

LPR Camera Technology:

The LPR cameras offer cost effective solutions for license capture 24-hours a day. The housings complement its modular design philosophy offering a wide range of solutions within two innovative designs. The cameras are designed to work with the Infra Red retro reflective properties of number plates. The lighting and filtering technologies employed overcome issues associated with traditional CCTV cameras such as headlight glare.

Community Website


Community updates and announcements appear on resident’s home page. Management can poll residents for feedback.


Newsletters are permanently archived and always available online.

Event Calendar:

Management can create events for all to see. Residents can RSVP to events, giving management headcount for planning purposes.

Address Book:

Residents decide what information to share in the community address book.

Documents & Forms:

The dwellingLIVE system acts as a central repository for documents and forms. Documents can be made public or access can be restricted to certain Boards and Committees – configurable and organized according to each community’s needs. Fill-in-Forms can be created for residents to complete online – eliminating paper forms and protecting the environment!

Amenities & Reservations:

Community amenities such as tennis courts, party rooms or even overnight accommodations can be maintained online. Management can determine if an amenity is reservable and residents can view availability and book online.

Photo Gallery:

Management can create and maintain Photo Albums online. Residents can browse albums and download pictures.

Local Information:

Management can maintain an up-to-date list of local services and amenities, such as schools, utility companies and public agencies. Residents have the community information they require at their fingertips! Residents can add their own listings as well.

HOA Contacts:

Management can publish a contact list that can include sections such as Board Members, Community Management and Public Safety. Residents can rely on being able to find the right information in one place.

Service Requests:

Residents can complete Service Requests online. By creating certain categories, management can channel the requests directly to the parties responsible to address them. Homeowners can rest assured that their requests are going to the right individual in a timely fashion.

Billing Statement:

HOA Account information can be loaded into dwellingLIVE, allowing homeowners to view their account statement and even pay the balance using PayPal or other financial services.

Bulletin Boards:

Residents can post to the Community Bulletin Board, including pictures and contact information. Management can act as the Bulletin Board moderator, reviewing and approving all posts before they become visible to other residents.

Custom Pages:

Management can expand the standard capability of the Community Website by adding customized pages which includes text and unlimited attachments. In this way, Residents can be kept abreast of special projects that do not fall into any of the standard categories.


Customize the residents’ menu order, and create custom links to external websites.


Residents can opt in to receive text or email notifications for website updates.

Groups and Clubs:

Administrators can create groups or clubs for community residents.


Administrators create forum topics for residents to engage in discussions with one another.

Sub-Association Content Filtering:

Allows administrators to create categories to filter website content.